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This tag identifies all articles and post related to various kinds of exercises and puzzles to support your brain training and memory training.

Math Puzzle

Math Puzzle – Part 1

Puzzles provide a mental challenge that can be both enjoyable and rewarding. They require problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and critical thinking, which can help keep the mind sharp.Regularly engaging in puzzle-solving activities has been linked to various cognitive benefits, includingRead More »Math Puzzle – Part 1

Boost Your Brain

Boost Your Brain

  • Review

The book “Boost Your Brain” from the author Joel Levy starts with a nice introduction about the human brain and how it works. This chapter is very interesting giving you all the facts you need to know. The following partsRead More »Boost Your Brain

Sudoku Screenshot

Sudoku – App Review

The sudoku app from pinkpointer is one of the well known standard sudoku apps. It provides a lot of features for beginners and expert sudoku players. Grid sizes can be selected from 3×3 up to 9×9. The main Features: –Read More »Sudoku – App Review