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New: Sudokus in our Brain Trainer Web App

  • Sudoku
Sudoku Player

We added a new type of exercise in our free Brain Trainer web app. Now you can play Sudoku puzzles.

You can play the classic Sudoku puzzles where you have to fill in the digits from 1 to 9 only once in every row, column and 3×3 cell block.

The app is implemented with web frameworks and works on your PC, tablet or smartphone. From the start, about 50 different unique puzzles are included. Most of the exercises have a skill level of easy or medium. We will upload more of them in the future.


The Sudoku Module provides these additional features:

  • The already excluded digits to fill a cell are displayed disabled, so the player can concentrate on the digits that are possible in the current situation.
  • For your convenience, the cells are “auto-checked” immediately on your input. So you can see the wrong suggestion as early as possible.
  • The Brain Trainer works offline when an exercise is started. You don’t need a connection while playing.

We finally changed the layout and user interface for the sudoku player again. As a result, the sudoku board scales better on small screens and the digits will be displayed with a larger font (Update 15.10.2019).

You can jump directly to the sudoku exercises: Start playing sudoku.

Stay tuned for the new features that we will provide in the coming days and weeks.