Remove Digits Cover

Remove Digits – Part 1

14. October 2022 hsp 0

Remove in every calculation some digit to make the equation correct. Sample puzzle for demonstration Check the following calculation. The left side do not match […]

Cover Word Puuzles Brain Training

Word Puzzles Part 1

13. October 2022 hsp 0

A word is cut into pieces. Can you identifier the correct order of the puzzle pieces? Rearrange the pieces in the right order and find […]

Letter Groups Pick one letter from each group.

Letter Groups – Part 1

10. October 2022 hsp 0

Finding a needle in a hay stack is not easy. Solving these brain puzzles is like search for multiple needles. Pick on letter from every […]

Matchstick Puzzles

Matchstick Puzzle Part 1

30. September 2022 hsp 0

Move two sticks in every exercise to make the equation correct. Train your brain with new Matchstick Puzzle exercises. In order to use all digits […]