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The sections holds articles and posts that review different kinds of products, links, books and web pages that are related to puzzles and brain training.

Boost Your Brain

Boost Your Brain

  • Review

The book “Boost Your Brain” from the author Joel Levy starts with a nice introduction about the human brain and how it works. This chapter is very interesting giving you all the facts you need to know. The following partsRead More »Boost Your Brain

Logic Brainteasers Cover

Book Review: Mensa: Logic Brainteasers

  • Review

This book (Mensa: Logic Brainteasers) provides a selection of more than 150 mind games to train your logic thinking. Some well known types of exercises and some new are included in this Mensa series book! Publisher is Carlton Books Ltd.

cuviques Scrrenshot

Cubiques – Review

  • App, Review

The main character of Cubiques is a red cube which main objective is to move through all tiles on each level. Cubiques brings you a collection of nice puzzles with a minimalistic and incredibly beautiful environment. It’s a relaxing game, thatRead More »Cubiques – Review

screenshot merged

Merged – Review

Merged is an addictive puzzle app for iOs and Android operating system. The user has to place piece on a board that have to match by colur and signs. If three or more similar pieces match they will be mergedRead More »Merged – Review

Sudoku Screenshot

Sudoku – App Review

The sudoku app from pinkpointer is one of the well known standard sudoku apps. It provides a lot of features for beginners and expert sudoku players. Grid sizes can be selected from 3×3 up to 9×9. The main Features: –Read More »Sudoku – App Review