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Sudoku – App Review

Sudoku Screenshot

The sudoku app from pinkpointer is one of the well known standard sudoku apps. It provides a lot of features for beginners and expert sudoku players. Grid sizes can be selected from 3×3 up to 9×9.

The main Features:
– hundreds of puzzles in four levels of difficulty
– auto-save your progress for each puzzle
– undo/redo function
– hints
– colored inputs for advanced users
– additional achievements

Some additional Features:
– different selection modes: select first or number first
– keyboard configuration: auto, three rows, two rows, one row
– column and row highlight: vertical and horizontal highlight
– number finder: visualise all occurrences of a number
– a counter shows how often a number is used
– highlight of rule violations
– use different font colors for user input
– validate input automatically and show wrong inputs
– permanent auto-fill: continuously fill all the drafts
– Better visualization with large font for bigger numbers

The website of the developer team:

Install the app from Google Play Store: