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Country Quiz – Identify the Borders

Recognise national borders

Finding countries on a map or atlas can be difficult for some countries. At least the rough location can often be estimated well. But can you identify countries just by the outlines of borders? This is exactly the challenge you face with these country quiz. In the exercises you need to find special properties in the illustrations and remember possible countries.

In some cases, the images of the borders are also rotated and resized. The tasks always offer four possible answers with country names.
Tips for Country Quiz exercises:

  • From the given answers, exclude those that do not come into question.
  • Look for particularly prominent parts of the image, such as islands, straight-line borders with neighbouring countries, or prominent coastlines.

Country Border Chaos

As an extension for recognising individual countries in out country quiz, two country outlines can be seen in these country puzzles. Depending on the selection and the characteristics of the borders, these tasks can be easy or very difficult. At least the two outlines are sketched in different colours. The country borders can be rotated and varied in size. Don’t rely on the proportions of the two outlines.
The two country names are always included in the suggested answers. Of course, both names of the couple must be correct in order for the answer to be rated correctly.

Tips for these exercises

  • Concentrate entirely on the special properties of the outlines, because the proportions of the two countries do not have to match.
County Chaos - Identify the County Borders
County Chaos – Identify the County Borders

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