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Puzzles – For effective Brain Training

Overview of the puzzles

Screen shot of the brain trainer app in action.

What exercises are there?

The puzzle portal offers you a large amount of brain teasers. There are no fixed specifications as to which topics and specific tasks you should work on. Just pick the tasks that you enjoy the most.

Action: “Reload”:
Most tasks are regenerated over and over again at regular intervals. Each time “Reload” is called up, new tasks are added. Older tasks and puzzles that have been edited will automatically change on the next refresh.

Action: “Filter”
A filter area is displayed via the “Filter” button. This allows you to easily restrict to a desired level of difficulty (“skill”) and to an area.
The numbers in brackets reveal how many puzzles are currently visible with this indicator. The two types of filters are combined. This allows you to focus specifically on a small and desired amount.

You can start working on a task straight away by simply clicking on one of the answers. Or follow the directions on the map. Tasks that you don’t like can be closed with the cross in the upper right corner. The card will disappear immediately.

The level of difficulty and the keywords (tags) are shown at the bottom of each task card. The info symbol takes you directly to the explanation of the tasks in the blog area of ​​

Jump to Puzzles Area

All sub pages with details for all exercises

History and latest changes

October 2023

  • Minor bug fixes and small enhancement.

May 2023

  • A new type of puzzles joined the training team: Letter Groups.

June 2022

  • Minor updates on layout and styling.

May 2020

  • Added two quiz types with country flags.

April 2022

  • Added first list of country flags and enhanced list of country borders.
  • Added exercises: Crazy Symbols

March 2022

  • Added first list of country borders.
  • Added exercises: Crazy Numbers and Crazy Letters

January 2022

  • Added exercises for calculation and transfer of roman numerals
  • Added memory exercises

Dezember 2021

  • First Version is online
  • Added some new types of exercises

Planned features for the future (no guarantee to come):

  • Integration for general quiz questions provided by
  • User accounts and login
  • Earn some sort of points or score perhaps with a kind of ranking and high score table.
  • And sure, even more kinds of puzzles and exercises for all categories and skill levels.