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Sudoku PDF – Download and Print

The classic Sudoku tasks are among the most popular content in the field of brain training. Additional to our own newly created kinds of brain teasers puzzles, we offer a selection of sudokus from four levels of difficulty as PDFs for free download from our exercise stock.

The advantage of a PDF: You can print it out yourself as needed or pass it on to friends and acquaintances. Each Sudoku PDF document contains 10 different thinking skills. Each task has a number for identification and the fully completed solution at the end of the document. We will add new documents with more brain puzzles in the next months.

Sudoku PDF with mixed levels of difficulty

The documents provide different exercises of Sudoku with different level of difficulty from easy to hard. The picture shows a screenshot of the contents:

Screenshot of the Sudoku PDF Document
Screenshot of the Sudoku PDF Document

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