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Brain Sport Trainer

We started our online Brain Trainer and present some of our brain teaser exercises for free.

The trainer helps you to train your brain daily and keep it fit and agile.

The Trainer is still under development and we will add and change features in the coming weeks and month. If you have any feedback or wishes about the exercises, look and feel or other features, please contact us.

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Here you can see some of the exercises that are included right from the launch of the Web App. The links open die Brain Sport Trainer and starts the exercise:

Scrambled Words

The letters of a word are scrambled. All letters are visible but you have to reveal the correct sequence to read and identify the correct word.

Start Scrambled Words Exercise

Speed Math

Solve math exercises with limited time. So hurry up and find the correct result. You can control the difficulty of the exercises with the exercise settings:

  • The Number range
  • The math operations

Roman Number Quiz

Roman Numbers don’t show up in our daily life too often. So it is a good exercise for your brain to handle them. How fast can you translate numbers to roman numbers and back to arabic numbers?
Start Scrambled Words Exercise


Remember Words

The memory is an important part of our brain: Keeping information over time and recall it for later use is important for our logical thinking. With these exercises, you can train the learning and recall of words.


The is the classic form of Sudoku: Place the digits from 1 to 9 to the cells of the grid. Every digit exits only once in every row, column and block.



Start page or Home Screen

Start page with the main menu on the left. The main page will show new messages or notifications.

Games or Exercise Area

This is the main area. You can see all enabled exercises and puzzles here. Most exercises can be configured with additional options, like the skill level or special variants of exercises. You can open the options with the toggle button left to the start button.

The start button activates the exercise and jumps right to the training.

brain trainer exercise overview
brain trainer exercise overview

Classic Sudoku

This is a sample of one exercise in action.

brain trainer exercise sudoku
brain trainer exercise sudoku

Settings area:

The application provides a global settings area. For now, you can select the language (English or German) and the skin of the application (dark or light).