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Puzzles with Crazy Letters and Numbers

Crazy Letters

In these tasks, crazy letters fly across the screen. Don’t get confused. In addition, the exercises are limited in time. The remaining time can be seen from the bar at the top of the display. Get an overview of the letters and answer the question asked: For example, which letter occurs twice.

  • Also note the spelling of the letters. Both spellings (uppercase and lowercase) can occur.
  • In exercises with skill easy and medium you can check if there is just one capital letter. This only capital letter has to be the first letter in the hidden word.

Crazy Numbers

These tasks train perception, focusing and attention. After clicking on the start button, numbers fly all over the place. Keep track and answer the question asked about the crazy numbers. In some cases the sum of all or only part of the numbers is sought.

It is important not to forget smaller or partially covered numbers. The tasks contain a time limit. At the top of the animation, a small bar shows how much time is left. The bar runs backwards to zero. After the time has elapsed, no more responses will be accepted.