Memory Training

Memorize Words

These tasks consist of two steps. The first step shows a list of words to memorize. Repeat the words in your mind or build a mnemonic. After clicking on the button, a question checks the saved information. Typical questions could be:

  • Which word came first in the list?
  • How many letters has the longest word in the list?.

Like typical quiz questions, there are four possible answers to choose from.

Memorize Numbers

Like the exercises about words a list of numbers is visible as first step. Try to store the list of numbers in your memory. The second step presents a question about the list. Typical question could be:

  • Which was the highest number in the list?
  • Which was the last number in the list?
  • How many numbers in the list were even?

Chose the correct answer from one of the four answer options.

Memo: NumberOperators

In addition to the classic arithmetic operations, you have to use new types of operations. For example, digits must be added on the left or right side of the number, or the order must be swapped. This will challenge your memory in new ways and will be a good memory training.