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Pictopix Logicals- Review

pictopic screenshot

Pictopix is a logical game where you have to find the correct cells on a grid that should be fill with a color. The rules are easy to learn and the puzzle is very addictive, the game starts with easy exercises and gets more difficult as you play on. The software provides more than 200 puzzles with 3 game modes and an editor for your own puzzle ideas.

The game rules are the same like other pen and paper logical like nonograms or hanjie and griddlers.

This short video shows an exercise in action:

The software offers the features

  • Play over 200 nice colored puzzles
  • Play 3 game modes: Classic, Endless and Challenges
  • You can learn the rules by watching a tutorial
  • You can earn awards and achievements and reveal more exercises
  • Relaxing music (Jazz, Bossa Nova)
  • You can discover hidden secret features

Other Features

  • Logically solvable puzzles (no guessing required)
  • Useful hints to help beginners
  • Playable with mouse, keyboard or game controller
  • Multiple save slots
  • Puzzles can be suspended and resumed at any time
  • Zoom button for big grids
  • Undo and Redo buttons to fix your mistakes
  • Squares can be temporarily marked
  • Smart Slide (helps you to draw straight lines)
  • Touch Screen support

Webpage of the project:

pictopix - brainteaser