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Remove Letters and reveal the Word – Part 1

Remove Letter Word puzzle Cover

In these word puzzles some disturbing letter are hiding in words. Can you identify and remove letters that do not belong to the word and should be removed?

Every exercise the number of letters that should be removed at the right side in brackets. The order of letters in the solutions word is not changed. In same rare situations there are more possible solutions.

Tips for solving the brain teasers easier:

  • Try to find letters or letter combinations that are very uncommon in english words.
  • Try to check if the start or the end of the word is a good starting point.

An easy example for remove letters puzzles


The letter combination at the start Z, D and O is very uncommon and at least on letter has to be removed. When you check the end of the word you find a word part that reveals the whole word: “RINK”.
When your remove the letter Z and O the solution word is:


Easy Brain Teasers

Brain Puzzle 1

Solution for Brain Puzzle 1

The solution word is


Brain Puzzle 2

Solution for Brain Puzzle 2

The solution word is


Brain Puzzle 3

Solution for Brain Puzzle 3

Medium Brain Teasers

Brain Puzzle 4

Solution for Brain Puzzle 4

Brain Puzzle 5

Solution for Brain Puzzle 5

Brain Puzzle 6

Solution for Brain Puzzle 6

Brain Puzzle 6

Solution for Brain Puzzle 6

Brain Puzzle 7

Solution for Brain Puzzle 7

Hard Brain Teasers

Brain Puzzle 8

Solution for Brain Puzzle 8

Brain Puzzle 9

Solution for Brain Puzzle 9

Brain Puzzle 10

Solution for Brain Puzzle 10

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