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Letter Chaos – Unscramble the Word 1

Letter Chaos - Unscramble the word

The letters of a word are mixed. All letters are present but their position is unclear. And some letters are hard to identify because the letters rotated and some parts of letters are hidden.

For every puzzle one solution is provided in the accordion. Just click to reveal the solution. In some case You can find even more solution. That is good: You will earn some extra points for creative thinking!

Tips for solving the exercises easily:

  • Check if all letter in the same case: Puzzles with only upper case letters are harder to solve.
  • Identify all letters clearly: Some letters are drawn over each other.

Letter Chaos 1

This exercise uses only lower case letters.

Letter Chaos Puzzle 1
Unscramble the hidden word 1
Solution for puzzle 1

The hidden word is: Radio

Letter Chaos 2

This exercise uses only lower case letters.

Letter Chaos Puzzle 2
Unscramble the hidden word 2
Solution for puzzle 2

The hidden word is: laugh

Letter Chaos 3

This exercise is a bit harder. We use six letters. All Letters are written in upper case.

Letter Chaos Puzzle 3
Unscramble the hidden word 3
Solution for puzzle 3

The hidden word is: MOTHER

Letter Chaos 4

Letter Chaos Puzzle 4
Unscramble the hidden word 4
Solution for puzzle 4

The unscrambled word is: PROBLEM

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