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Better Memory: A Font to Remember

Sample Sans forgetica
Sample Sans forgetica

We all are forced to learn a lot of facts to keep up with our work and life. Some good learning methods have been published in the last years: Mind mapping, flashcards or repeating, just to mention some. Every body has to find the right method and a efficient way to get the facts “uploaded” into his or her own head.

Scientists of the RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) have developed a font helps to recall the facts of a text. Students that read the text that was printed with the font “Sans Forgetica” could remember more information that the control group that studied text with other ordinary fonts.

How to use the memory supporting font?

You have different ways of using the font. The font can be downloaded from the project web page and installed locally. Every software on your system can use it. Another way is to install a browser plugin for Chrome. The plug reformats marked chapters in Sans Forgetica on the fly, when marking the section.


Project Page: Sans Forgetica

Chrome-Browser-Plugin for Sans Forgetica