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Sudoku 1on1 – Do not play alone

Sudoku 1on1 Screenshot
sudoku 1on1 logo
sudoku 1on1 logo

A lot of people like sudoku and some of the are really addicted to that kind of brainteasers. The rules are easy to lean and some of the exercises can bend our mind…But normally, on paper, you play sudoku alone on your own. You can take your time to figure out every cell and solve it at our pace.

The Sudoku 1on1 app changes the way of player just a bit: Your are not alone any more! Your opponent struggles to solve the same board with the same cells. Your have to hurry in order to fill the cells first and to earn more points…

More information about the app can be found here:

Screenshot review sudoku app review - sudoku 1on1
Screenshot review sudoku app review – sudoku 1on1