Matchstick Puzzles

Matchstick Puzzle Part 1

30. September 2022 hsp 0

Move two sticks in every exercise to make the equation correct. Train your brain with new Matchstick Puzzle exercises. In order to get all digits […]

Combine Images find the Word

Combine Images – Part 1

28. September 2022 hsp 0

Train your perception and concentration skills. Combine Images and lay the parts exactly over each other. The dots of every layer form a hidden word […]

Math Puzzle

Math Puzzle – Part 1

24. September 2022 hsp 0

A math calculation is cut into pieces and is scrambled. Can you find a way to put the parts together correctly, so that the calculation […]

Country Quiz - Identify the country.

Country Quiz: Part 1

23. September 2022 hsp 0

Identify the countries according to the border. But be careful the images of the countries could be scaled and rotated. Tip: Find specific country and […]

Boost Your Brain

Boost Your Brain

29. June 2022 hsp 0

The book “Boost Your Brain” from the author Joel Levy starts with a nice introduction about the human brain and how it works. This chapter […]